Darkness Eyes

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Oct 23rd - Nov 21st
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Time Lord

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I'm from Belgium
22 yo , feel free to ask me anything


Darkness Eyes


A ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse is a rare phenomenon that occurs when the moon’s orbit is at its apogee: the part of its orbit farthest away from the Earth. Because the moon is so far away, it seems smaller than normal to the human eye. The result is that the moon doesn’t entirely block out our view of the sun, but leaves an “annulus,” or ring of sunlight glowing around it. Hence the term  “annular” eclipse rather than a “total” eclipse.

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…that’s surprisingly pleasing…

Kind of mystified right now…

I want one

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1. Urumi as long as I remember .. it all started in 2004 .. goes way back!

2. Hazel but they turn a bit green in the sunlight sometimes

3. .. I’ve been dying my hair for so many years I’m not quite sure anymore but something like light brown / ash brown

4. I’m in love with England I think .. but so are a lot of people

5. purple .. and black .. and it’s so hard to choose !

6. Venise and London’s Green Park on a sunny warm afternoon

7. .. I don’t know I like and admire a lot of people .. let’s say Andy !

8. Snakes, and dogs ♥

9. this is also really random because I love so many songs but I think Linkin Park - One Step Closer

10. there are too many ! but let’s go with  bernard werber ” le papillon des étoiles”

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Steve Rogers did, in fact, realize that something was off when he saw the outline of the woman’s odd bra (a push-up bra, he would later learn), but being an officer and a gentleman, he said that it was the game that gave the future away.


No, see, this scene is just amazing. The costume department deserves so many kudos for this, it’s unreal, especially given the fact that they pulled off Peggy pretty much flawlessly.

1) Her hair is completely wrong for the 40’s. No professional/working woman  would have her hair loose like that. Since they’re trying to pass this off as a military hospital, Steve would know that she would at least have her hair carefully pulled back, if maybe not in the elaborate coiffures that would have been popular.

2) Her tie? Too wide, too long. That’s a man’s tie, not a woman’s. They did, however, get the knot correct as far as I can see - that looks like a Windsor.

3) That. Bra. There is so much clashing between that bra and what Steve would expect (remember, he worked with a bunch of women for a long time) that it has to be intentional. She’s wearing a foam cup, which would have been unheard of back then. It’s also an exceptionally old or ill-fitting bra - why else can you see the tops of the cups? No woman would have been caught dead with misbehaving lingerie like that back then, and the soft satin cups of 40’s lingerie made it nearly impossible anyway. Her breasts are also sitting at a much lower angle than would be acceptable in the 40’s.

Look at his eyes. He knows by the time he gets to her hair that something is very, very wrong.

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  • go to the bathroom to escape
  • feel very uncomfortable without a phone or some other crutch
  • dwell on a small awkward moment for much longer than necessary
  • never go to any social event without a person that makes you feel comfortable
  • follow said person way too much
  • worry about the person beginning to find you obnoxious
  • faking an illness to get out of a social event

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When the word ‘selfie’ became an actual word, my grandpa had me explain to him what it meant. When I finished, he found this picture and asked “is this a selfie?” I told him it was and he simply said “I was taking selfies before it was cool.”
So here’s my grandpa taking a selfie in his Coast Guard uniform. (Circa 1959)
Can we make my grandpa internet famous? I’d love to explain to him what Tumblr is. ;P

Haha this rules

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